How Can Drones Help the Construction, Inspection, and more Industries?

Work Safer and Increase Productivity

Aerial Photography paired with digital data captured by drones allows businesses to see a digital road map they can hold in their hands and use to create a successful work plan and determine whats the best way to move forward with the project. Unlike previously used methods that honestly took a lot longer to produce and cost a lot more Skylife Aerial Imaging produces high resolutions digital data in a quicker and cost-efficient way. This allows for quicker decision-making for projects to get the "OK" and essentially saves you time and money. We can produce sophisticated 2D & 3D digital aerial maps to help you better plan any construction or land development project allowing you to plan project budgets more effectively and efficiently.

Our aerial drone mapping experience allows us to create up to date aerial maps filling in areas that are often missed by conventional mapping techniques. Taking a large number of overlapping aerial photos of a specific location and stitching them allows for the creation of 2D orthomosaic maps and 3D models that provide precise digital data that is extremely helpful for estimating pre-development construction costs accurately. All of that plus progression pictures of your site allows for again a more cost-effective way to keep you investors or lenders up to date with how the project is going.

Drone inspections are a more effective solution because it saves time and resources. Instead of traditional methods where an inspector would have to climb up and down ladders or make multiple trips to a location for several days or weeks. Using Skylife Aerial Imaging we save you the cost of injury liability because we do the inspection on the ground. This enables the status of the structure to be checked quickly and safely. Additionally, the digital data captured by the drone can help you identify defects, and corrosion issues, without having to spend on additional personnel and equipment.


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