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Drones helping businesses stay #CORONA free

In these precedented times of what looks to be if not already pandemonium, businesses are shutting down wanting to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, people are working from home and for some despite the opportunity to work from home, some still require to be outside at times to better serve their clients, keep up with outdoor projects, conduct inspections and so much more. #Drones, however, can help your business continue to thrive from the comforts of your home and stay #Coronavirus free here is how.

Here are some ways drones can help your business:

  • #Realestate: Many #Realtors are putting new homes up for sale, using #photography and #dronetechnology a Realtor can stay home and we can just come out to the house take the photos and within 24 to 48hrs have the pictures and complete your listing. This is done without human interaction and helping you and your family stay #corinavirus free.

  • #Inspections: This one I think is really beneficial to industries like #roofers who do #Roofinspecions, #management companies that manage multiple buildings and need #Facadeinspections, #construction site inspections. All of these inspections can be done without the need to have to be on-site or even meeting. You can continue to serve clients and not put these projects on hold. Using drone technology you can have images of your site, roof or building within 24-48 hrs and be able to conduct these inspections right from home and determine what is needed for your project or the conditions of your site and building.

Drones help when you need marketing, inspections and so much more. Through these times drones are beneficial because it allows your business to continue to operate while being home and protecting yourself, families and employees.

Contact Skylife Aerial Imaging today.

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